Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Insecure Writers... I'm Lost Edition!

It’s time to celebrate all my insecurities with you. Thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh and his brainchild, I now have that opportunity.

I’ve already done this. This post, I mean. I wrote it up and had it ready to go and then I did something strange. I deleted it.

It was dark, and even for me, a bit whiney. So I made an 11thhour decision to axe it and do something else.

I struggled with it because, well, in case you haven't noticed, I’ve not been around much lately. And I don’t only mean in regards to posting. I’ve not really visited anyone else in a while either. I’ve kinda gone incognito.

Why? It isn’t NanoWriMo, I decided not to do that this year (we’ll see, I did change my mind one year and signed up on the 15thand still managed to get it done). It isn’t the giant barn/office we’ve built in the past two months, my work there is more or less done.

Lately, just turning on my computer feels like it’s a burden. I’m burned out. I’ve continued to write, mostly on lunch breaks at my job, so I’ve been doing short pieces and not really working on my big projects that I should be doing. I’ve continued to work on art projects that have deadlines – even if those deadlines whoosh past with fantastic speed.

So, I’m not making an an nouncement, I’m not making a decision to change anything. I’m just giving a state of the blog update. It’s in a “I don’t really feel like it” kind of mode right now.

I need to write more. Not just write in general, butactually write in the projects that I’ve committed to. So, I am committing to this: I’m not starting ANY new stories until I’ve got some of my in-progress stuff complete.