Monday, June 10, 2013

Look! I'm Not Dead*

FUNNY HOW taking a day off can quickly turn into a week, or month, or whatever. To dispense with any sort of drama right away, I plan on being much more sparse over the summer. Posting only when I feel the overwhelming urge... in the meantime I'll try to wrap up work on the story I've been just about ready to publish for the past year.... or two.

It's my first longer piece that I intend on self-pubbing and I've been lost in edits and rewrites for so long I'm not sure if setting a completion date is even possible. This must be what it's like to be George R.R. Martin, minus any anticipation that people might feel for his works.

Still, I need to buckle down and finish up. So that's my focus for the foreseeable future.

 IN OTHER NEWS, thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of my short story, Going Home, last month. I didn't quite move enough copies to pay off Ben Wolverton's entire medical bill, but after not exactly taking the internet by storm with my short story, I transferred my earned royalties directly to the 'help Ben' fund.

If anyone feels like that isn't transparent enough, I'll be more than happy to share sales data and my contribution details privately. Just let me know.

AND FINALLY, I like to have three things when I do these types of posts. And this is that third thing. I've learned that when I show up at Home Depot, I will be asked repeatedly by other customers where 'we' keep assorted items, how much they cost, or if I can help them load their vehicles. It doesn't matter that I wear gym shorts and a BLUE T-Shirt, or that I have a shopping buggy and a small dog with me. Apparently, something about me just screams 'Home Depot Employee' to fellow shoppers.