Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Just In

Hello all, I know, it's been a while. School has been more time consuming than I would have liked and I found that I could not tear myself away long enough to write here. Well, let me rephrase that, if I were to tear myself away from school I would be spending time with the family, not blogging. But the semester is dying down and I have few minutes to kill.

If anyone has ever bothered to take note of my links on the right of the page then you may notice that one of my favorite writers has been in the news lately. Peter Watts has found himself at the center of some cops gone bad fiasco.

He is a Canadian citizen who had spent the week in the U.S. helping a friend move and was stopped at the border for an inspection upon leaving the U.S. All that is more or less agreed upon. What happens next gets a bit strange. He certainly got out of his vehicle and asked why he was being inspected and ended up being pepper sprayed, beaten, jailed and charged with assault.


I've read that there is a video of the encounter. The police report and his report are quite a bit different. I'm quite interested to see where this one goes. Either way, Mr. Watts has an enormous amount of legal troubles now. Check out his website (linked on the right of the page) and see what you think.

Click here for more on the story.

Anyhow, sorry it's been so long. I'll post again soon.