How to Find Me

I seriously doubt I have any stalkers, if so, I guess I'm making it at least a little easier for them to find me.

First off, my Novelette, A Dead God's Wrath, is available in many more places than just Amazon.

Barnes and Noble


Hmmm. That isn't exactly 'many', but still. I think Smashwords will make the title available at other places, like iBookstore and Kobo at some point, but I have not idea of how long that sort of thing takes.

My other novelette, War Angel, is only available at Amazon. You can click on the cover on the sidebar and get it for yourself if you really want to.

Me on Goodreads AND Kindleboards
I'm trying to get more into being a Goodreads contributor, but am sorely lacking in 'friends'. So please stop by and find me there.

I'm at Kindleboards sometimes, I'm not sure what to think of that place, but you can find me there under Rusty87d. Feel free to stop by the thread dedicated to my story and brag about how it changed your life and all.

Me on Twitter
Let's see, there's Twitter, but if you're noticing it here that means you've ignored my twitter feed that appears on the sidebar of my blog. It's okay, I just think that those things are ignored by pretty much everyone. Sensory overload probably.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all that comes to mind now. I'll continue to update as time goes by.

Me at deviantART?
I have an account over at deviantART now. I don't go there very much, but I post a few more artsy things there. Anyone who studiously, er, studies my blog has probably seen most of the stuff I've put up there, but maybe not. But like pretty much every other website on the internet, they want you to have friends, or followers, or something stupid like that. So if you happen to be a member, please friend, or follow, or whatever it is they ask you to do. I'm not entirely sure what my avatar there looks like, it might be like the image to the right. It's embarrassing that I don't know.

I guess there is also that old email thing too. Reach me at Rusty87d [at]

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