About Me

WHEN I WAS A CHILD I had the vague sense that I would make my fame and fortune doing something creative once I grew up. At first I believed that would be as an artist, most likely as an artist doing dramatic scenes of the Incredible Hulk smashing firetrucks and bad guys. That dream hasn't entirely died yet, but each year that passes makes it seem less likely. I also thought I would be doing those renderings from my home on the moon.

I still doodle, and you can find many of my recent ones by clicking.... HERE

Anyway, after some soul searching, mostly during the latter half of the 80's, I realized my path to glory would rest on my ability to rock the world with my newly found skills as a killer lead guitarist.

The thing that kept me from reaching my goal was that I sounded more like Bill S. Preston Esquire playing guitar than I did Eddie Van Halen.

They still made me pay for the mag though
I drifted through teh 90's dabbling in a few things. I stumbled onto photography and saw myself as the next great photographer to explode onto the world stage. Do they have world stages for photographers? If so, I did find some obscure notoriety by having a photo of mine make it into the Smithsonian (the magazine and the museum, thankyouverymuch) but found that part where you actually make money at it sucked all the fun out of the process. It wasn't art. Not for me.

Through it all though, I read. I read as widely and as deeply as I could manage. I dreamed of writing but thought it was too hard a goal to ever achieve. I had the occasional short story or script in hand, but never dared believe that was something achievable.

The difference between all my other misadventures in life and writing is simple: I wanted to succeed at the other things because I thought I could make money at them. I write because I love it. 

To date, I have one complete, unpublished novel, The Blutonian Death Egg, and several novel length manuscripts in various stages of revision and editing - as well as numerous short stories and novelettes (any that are available you can find the amazon links to on the right hand side of the page). For the most part I've kept them to myself.

Coming Soon!
My novellete, A Dead God's Wrath was self-published last year. Reviews have said, "... The prose it tedious and riddled with errors," and "... the plot is predictable and the characters uninteresting."

I was never good at bragging, I'm probably doing that wrong.

But brighter days are ahead. Over the summer I had the inspiration to begin writing under a pen name. I have no idea why. 2013 will see the release of my short novel, Total Depravity, which will be released under the name, RUSTY CARL. It's the story of a broken man chasing an escaped slave through colonial era America and his discovery that this slave he is a bit more than human.

For the rest of my growing backlog of stories, I have only recently begun seeking professional publication. In a short time I've already compiled a pile of rejections large enough to fill up a hard drive. But I won't be giving up that easily.

If you're just dying to reach me, send an email to Rusty87d [at] gmail [dot] com.

Here's to dreams.
This is what I'd be like if I were two people!