Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Can't Buy Time

As my Kindle release week continues to explode into the interwebs, I thought I’d take a quick look at my sales again, just so we can know where I stand.

3 (this includes me)

Um, that’s about it. Thanks to everyone who’ve taken the plunge, and to everyone who intends to. I hope to make this available in more places this weekend, although I’m thinking I’ve got a ton of things I think I’ve promised to get done by then. Someone will be disappointed in me. Let’s see, what do I have to do this weekend?

1)      Laundry - that’s my promise to my wife, she’s taking care of the yard and the garage. She hates laundry and I like not doing yard work, or reorganizing the garage. Laundry it a weird thing because there are down times, between loads, that you can do stuff. But I’m guessing there is going to be a lot of stuff to wash. We tend to wash just enough to get through a week and be done with it. Over time the pile slowly grows. We’ve got a room dedicated to long forgotten clothes. It’s time for me to go in there and get to work – estimated time to launder clothes? 12 hours.
2)      Football – My son has some Football jamboree this weekend. I’m not even sure I know where. But I’ve got to have him somewhere at 9 o’clock Saturday morning. That’s actually bad, because I will be doing laundry, and it’s his last weekend before school begins, and he was supposed to help do other things around the house. Bad planning. Estimated time for football activities? 3 hours.
3)      Writing – I still have goals to achieve. I’m working on a short story that I’m dying to finish up. I guessing it will be between 15 – 18k words before I’m done. I’m around 10k right now. That’s an odd length because it’s too much work to do over a weekend, and it will have enough typos and plotting issues that I can’t just do a quick pass and call it done. I have to work it like a novel, doing numerous passes and spending tons of time self-editing.  But, if I’m going to meet my writing goals for the summer/early fall, I need to have this more or less done by the end of the month. Estimated time to write (this weekend) 6 hours.
4)      Art – I do love me some graphic art. I’m trying to wrap up a book cover for someone, and trying to at least hammer down a concept for someone else. That sort of work is pretty enjoyable for me, but it doesn’t go as quick as I’d like. Estimated time spent doing cover related things? 6 hours.
5)      Entertainment – I missed last week’s Eureka and need to watch it, I also have a Netflix disk that my wife has patiently been holding off on watching until we can do so together. I also really want to go see a movie at the theater. Estimated entertainment time? 5 hours.
6)      Reading – I don’t count this as entertainment. As someone who pretends to be a writer, reading is important. I’ve begun A Dance with Dragons and am less than a hundred pages in so far. My current pace will put me at finishing somewhere around Thanksgiving 2014.  I devoured the first three books, and the fourth started with a lot of enthusiasm from me, but I didn’t enjoy it as much and now this one feels a bit like work. I need to read a minimum of 50 pages a day to know what’s going on. It’s sort of a minimum daily allowance for me, any less and it doesn’t take up enough mental real estate to get read. I’ll quit it altogether if I don’t do that. I’d rather put in at least a hundred pages daily, because I have a two week window to read books too. More than that and I start to forget things that happen early. So, estimated time spent reading? 3 hours.
7)      Sleep – 12 hours, I tend to get up very early on Saturday’s and sleep in on Sundays, I have no idea why. It’s just how I work.

So how many hours (non-sleeping) will that be total? 35. That’s a lot. Granted, I can write while clothes are in the dryer, but it’s choppy and unproductive that way. But the point stands that I might be able to double up some things. I can read while my son does his football thing (his time playing I’ll watch him, but there’s a lot of down time in football). 

I’ll try to revisit this on Monday and see how I fared.

Oh, and I noticed that I have some new followers. Um, I’m known as a bit of a loser when it comes to following back, sorry. If anyone cares to make mention in my comments that I’m not following them and they’d like me to, I’d be happy to accommodate. I’m crappy at visiting, but it isn’t on purpose. I always start with noble intentions and run out of gas really quick. I’m trying to be better.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You do better with commenting than you realize.
And make that four copies - purchased mine today.
My wife does laundry almost every day. I shudder to think what it would look like if we did it once a week.
Eureka was great. Damned shame they're cancelling the series. Probably to pour more money into their craptastic SyFy films. Not that it will help...

Danette said...

I think you should put a link to your short story up top-- where to purchase it. If the photo is supposed to take you there, it told me it was a bad url. Maybe it will start behaving itself later...

julie fedderson said...

You can make it five copies, now that I figured out there is a free Kindle for Mac application. Technology is so damn cool.

I love laundry, something about warm clothes fresh from the dryer smelling like dryer sheets is so soothing. Hate ironing, though.

Rusty Webb said...

Alex - thank you sir, I don't want to get started about what they did to Eureka... that show was the reason I came back to the stupid channel after what they did to Farscape.

Danette - Thanks for the tip, the pic was supposed to take you to Amazon. It worked all week but it was not working when I tried it a few minutes ago. I went in and edited it and it appears to be working now. Too weird.

Julie - Thank you too. It's kind of you to do so. I hope it won't disappoint.

Trisha said...

Re: your sales, I'm sure they will grow as your book becomes available in more places!

Good luck with your to-do list. It's pretty long and time-intensive by the looks of things!

Andrew said...

Wow... After reading your list, I don't even have brain space to figure out mine for the weekend. That might be because I spent 3 hours today being involved in a house inspection and, then, another hour on signing papers. My head feels like mush. No, you may not touch it.

Deborah Walker said...

I respect counting reading as work. It's a great life, ain't it? I, also count tootling around on Wikipedia as reseach.

Is this coming across as snarky? It's not meant to be. It is a great life.

Ellie Garratt said...

Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to sleep!Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to sleep!

Ellie Garratt said...

Oops. That wasn't supposed to happen. Where did the second line come from?