Friday, February 14, 2014

My Friday Night Party-Time House Party... Part II

I'm sorry.

I know, the last few posts have just been these things where I just link to what I put up over at the Indie Writer's Blog. Um, this is another one of those posts.

It's Valentine's Day. I have a flash fiction piece up about a girl and her abusive mad scientist boyfriend. With Pictures!

It was a retelling of the story Briane Pagel put up early in the week. I tried to be clever with it. But I didn't have the time I needed to make it as good as I wanted to. I could have, but I'd have posted it the second week of March if I'd done that, no longer appropriate for the holiday.

So, please, go check it out. And have a great weekend. I'll have normal posts up next week.



Andrew Leon said...

What's a normal post?

Jo said...

Later, no time tonight.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Have to check another time but I hope to pop by your blog more often. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentine's Day.

Spacerguy said...

Hey man, that story was radical, I wish I knew what the secret ingredient is.

Trisha F said...

At least you have something somewhere to link to, unlike me :)

Heather Holden said...

Just checked out the story and loved it! :)