Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And While We Wait

My wife is finally reading my novel in earnest. I am sitting right beside her trying to look over her shoulder as she reads. Gee whiz it makes me nervous.

But I had this brilliant idea for a cover for my book... I know. I'm stupid. But still, in my head it's awesome. I sketched out my astronaut  guy that I was going to use...

Look ma! I have dis-proportionally large hands!

Aside from the fact that I was a much better artist when I was in fifth grade than I am now, this was still only intended to be a quick sketch. What this doesn't do is capture the feeling I wanted it too. So this most definitely won't get used in any mock-up of a book cover that I'll ever use.

I like my idea though, I'll sketch something better soon. Take a little more time to get the body language right (he looks like he's sneaking up on someone - not what I was going for) and then work on making it look good.

Still, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a good review from the missus.


A Beer for the Shower said...

I wouldn't worry too much about her review. It's biased, anyway.

All kidding aside, I'm always a nervous wreck when the missus reads my work. She's completely honest, so if it sucks, she'll be the first person to tell me. But... in a very, very nice way. So, best of luck! And I dig the sketch. Definitely far better than I could do.

I will say, though, that he doesn't look like he's sneaking up on someone. He looks like an astro-linebacker that's going to sack the astro-quarterback. And I can appreciate that.


Les said...

Exciting times! I hope she likes it! Or if not, I hope it's an easy fix!
And yeah, I never draw on paper because I always get it wrong the first time. Cut/paste are such handy tools for drawing

Zan Marie said...

Rusty, to be able to draw at all is a gift. I do some, but not as much as in the past. I have to have a picture to copy, so you're better than I am. ; ) We're in the same group in the Crusade and I wanted to stop by and follow you.

Rusty Webb said...

Bryan - my wife is pretty honest too. She'll rake me over the coals if she needs too. But my urban scifi is a long way removed from her Regency romances.

And I'm not sure my astro football guy has good tacking form. He's going to get run over.

Les - I may be getting a wacom tablet soon. I'm pretty pumped about it... gotta convince the missus though.

Zan - Thanks for stopping by Zan. I love your name.

Anonymous said... can you stand being in the same room with someone reading your book? That would drive me crazy! Fellow crusader. Now following.


Constance said...

I agree with Nikki above,

I'd rather not know they were reading in case i keep wanting to butt in. (i hate people examining my work) hmmmm need to sort this problem out i think

However it DOES mean that i DON'T let people read a manuscript that i am not happy with.

anyway great picture. if it was for an image where you wanted the hands to stand out, ie it was meaningful to have them disproportionate it would be great :-)

good luck with the designs. I too was a much better artist at age 11 than i am now.

thanks for stopping my by blog

Rogue Mutt said...

That reminds me of the Chevy Chase movie "Funny Farm" where he plays a wanna-be novelist who for their anniversary makes his wife read his terrible novel and then winds up hurling it in the fireplace.

Lynda Young said...

Nice sketch. It looks like he is about to get crushed by a rock fall.

Hello fellow crusader :)
W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hey, Rusty! I love your pic, it's cute! It's great to meet a fellow crusader!

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

Rachel Morgan said...

Hello, fellow crusader!
Stopping by to say hi and to follow you :-)

Your sketching is WAY better than mine, even if he does look like he's sneaking up on someone with disproportionately large hands!

xx Rach

Deborah Walker said...

Hey, it's cool that your wife reads your work. My partner thinks I'm strange. He's not a SF fan, by any stretch of the imagination.

And if I hear, 'Are you going to be the next Stephen King, on more time . . ."

Regina said...

I understand that you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what she has to say, watching her facial expressions while she pours over the pages of your hard work...but be strong. She is going to be honest and supportive. It'll be fine.

P.S. I like the cover art. It is really cool. The art is not bad at all. I'm a fellow crusader and new follower stopping in to say Hi! Enjoy your weekend.

Rusty Webb said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I feel a bit like an ass for not singling everyone out to thank you... But I've got a big Friday night planned and must be off soon.

But I appreciate everyone tons. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Nice art work!
Just another Crusader stoppin' in. Hi!