Sunday, February 27, 2011

Captain Awesome

I got a bigger kick out of this video than I have anything I've seen on the internet in a while. Please watch.

Captain Awesome from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Happy Sunday!


Louise said...

Video didn't work for me :( Awesome opening picture on your blog.
Anyway I'm a crusader making my rounds. Pop over to my blog. I'm trying to start a "review" club, where we review one another books. Got a pretty good response so far!

Michael Offutt said...

Sweet. I love snappy videos.

Arlee Bird said...

Left me with a laugh...
Coming here from Stephen Tremp's comments where I saw your mention of the Vols. Then noticed the Jackson and Central book listed on your sidebar and figured you must be from Knoxville.

I am a Maryville transplant now living in L.A. I sometimes write about East Tennessee on my blog, including some of the times when I worked at a carnival supply company that used to be located at 125 E. Jackson Ave. I still have family in Blount County and usually go there to visit every Christmas.

Anyway thought I'd drop by to say hello. I'm following your blog now. Are you familiar with the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011 that I am co-hosting with Stephen Tremp and others? If not, check it out-- you may want to join us.

Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Tossing It Out

Rusty Webb said...

Louise - sorry you can't see the video, cause it's awesome. Maybe it's too awesome for your viewing device? Honestly, the internet itself might as well be run on magic as far as I'm concerned. If you can't see the video then I have nothing to offer except my best wishes. So that, along with continuing to use the word awesome over and over is my version of tech support.

Michael - Me too. I generally avoid them because they are addictive and I've wasted entire days doing nothing but watching them. However, in this case I thought that cartoon was brilliant, mostly due to my belief that it was done as someone's labor of love. If I find out it was some corporate cartoon churned out in Korea for mass profit then I won't like it as much.

Arlee - Yep, a Knoxvillian through and through. I grew up in Maryville myself and know that town like the back of my hand. Small world that you lived there.

I'll give serious thought to the A to Z challenge. I'm a pretty terrible blogger though (see previous posts about my lameness), so I'll want to be sure I can see this through to the end if I make the commitment.

Danette said...

HI Rusty! Video was cute. We love comic books in our house so vids like that are great. Can't wait to hear some of your musings on the universe... :)
Cheers! Danette