Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Thor'sday!

And Cinco de Mayo, be sure to get you 99 cent grande combo meal at Salsarita's

In modern times, the worship of Thor has, for the most part, dwindled somewhat. Aside from a few aryian cults that pepper the religious landscape he's relegated to comic book fans and mythology buffs. Not too surprising, they say you can tell a lot from a society by how war-like their gods are. So any society that openly services a beer drinking, womanizing, war-hammering diety is probably not the sort society you want to hang out in for long - a long weekend maybe, a week tops.

Especially if you have a holy day for said deity once a week! So good for us that we don't have to go out and konk each other on the head every Thursday.

Anyway, with the midnight showing of Thor only hours away, I thought I would honor him with something today. But, I woefully underestimated how lame I am with my new Wacom tablet, so it'll have to wait another day or two.

Did you know that the movie opening this weekend isn't Thor's first live action appearance? No, it isn't. Please enjoy the clip from a classic moment in television history... Hulk vs. Thor!


Trisha said...

ROFL. I haven't even watched that vid yet but the still is enough to crack me up... lol

Rogue Mutt said...

Someone else was saying earlier that Thursday was named for Thor and I asked why they didn't release the movie on Thursday then. Wouldn't that have made sense from a marketing point of view? Could have had big THORSday celebrations at theaters and stuff.

Andrew Leon said...

That version of Thor was SO horrible. At one point, he throw his hammer at the Hulk, and it just bounces off and lands on the floor. Then, some kid, and I think it's Rick Jones, but I don't remember for sure, picks the hammer up and hands it back to Thor. Seriously?

The book, American Gods, by Gaiman, deals with Norse mythology, but it centers on Odin.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Since it's now Friday morning, hope you had a great time at the midnight showing! I hitting the theater this afternoon.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

On the advice of Mr. Cavanaugh I came over to check out your blog. The fact that I came in the midst of your presentation on a comic book character is already a win in both our columns!

Rusty Webb said...

Andrew - If memory serves, that Hulk movie was supposed to serve as a back door pilot for a Thor TV series - thank god that never happened.

But I believe the goofy character was supposed to be Donald Blake - it was convoluted, or at least it seemed so to me at the time... I think you can even hear Thor shout "Blake" once or twice in the clip above. Sure was a dark time for comics on screen though.

Loved American Gods.

Alex - I didn't really go to the midnight show. I found I kept falling asleep and not enjoying the movies so I just quit going.

Jeffrey - Well, Alex does have wonderful taste. Since he likes 80's guitar virtuosos and writes sci-fi. But its beyond me how anyone could enjoy reading this blog. I can barely figure out what I was trying to say when I read what I've posted. I don't know how anyone else can make heads or tails out it.

Andrew Leon said...

See, now, in my (very) vague memory of that show (granted, I've done my best to block it completely from my mind), it seems like the kid was Rick Jones who was, for some strange reason, Thor's companion instead of the Hulk's.

They did a much better job with Daredevil in the Death of the Hulk episode.