Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a Brand New Year

I took an impromptu vacation last week. I intended on a post, or even two, but decided not to. I had already written an end of the year recap, books I liked, movies, stuff like that. But I decided against it. I saw so many of those type posts go up that I figured the world could live without it from me... of course, if the world really does end in 2012 then I'll know I was wrong.

So, I do have some goals in mind to accomplish this year. I want to write more short stories. At least 12 of them. I want to revise and edit one complete novel until I think it's done enough to submit, and write at least one completely original novel.

That's pretty much it. Oh, and just in case anyone is looking for a pearl of wisdom from me today: Hangovers seem so much worse when you're older.

I also hope to establish and follow a set blogging schedule, and be better about visiting others.

And I hope to lose at least 30 pounds. I had salad twice today. I hope I've lost most of that 30 pounds by tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


Tonja said...

I agree. Hangovers are unbearable. I need to lose 30 pounds too - the idea of serious dieting makes me hungry, so I'm only trying to lose 2-3 pounds a month for the whole year mostly with exercise.

Melissa Bradley said...

Hangovers are much worse when you're older. No more Coke and Tylenol easy peasy recovery. Well, at least that worked for me once upon a time. I have set three goals for myself and I am determined not to crap out by the first week of March.

Grumpy Bulldog, Secret Agent said...

Sounds like you have too many goals. You should resolve to have fewer goals.

I know a bunch of people are doing that "write a short story a month" thing. I could do that (I could write 12 in a month really) but I don't feel like it, so the hell with it.

Anonymous said...

I've gained a few pounds over the holidays. Its okay because I know I can lose them. Eat less, eat smart, and exercise. Works every time. Good luck to you. And I agree about the hangovers. I'm not as young as I used to be and just can;t do those things any more. A bottle of vino is okay now and then but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the weight loss. Salads don't do much just cut the fat intake and move around more. Weights work because muscle burns fat.

As for writing - I didn't do an end of year thing... because everyone else did and I'm SUCH the nonconformist ;)

Good luck in 2012!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Salad twice? Breakfast of champions!
A short story a month? Are you doing Write1Sub1 then?

Jay Noel said...

Sounds like solid and reasonable goals for 2012.

I've avoided hangovers for about 11 years now, as I'm sure it would just destroy me in my "old" age.

I like salads. But only with a lot of cheese and dressing.

Andrew Leon said...

I'm telling you, cut sugar and refined flour. You'll be surprised.

I don't know what to say about your goals. I'm not really a goal setter in that sense. I set up things in my mind I want to accomplish and work toward them, but I never do the New Year's Resolution thing. But, still, I'm here to keep on you about your goals if you need me to or to help with editing. Just let me know.

Cindy said...

You make me feel like my goals are small. Just one finished novel and one novelette.

Good luck!

The Golden Eagle said...

Good luck with your goals!