Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Insecure Writers... May Edition: Part III

It's that time again. The great Alex J Cavanaugh's brainchild, The Insecure Writer's Support Group. A time for all those authors with some sort of hang up can express themselves in a judgement-free environment in an effort to comfort one another.

I've been doing these posts for awhile now. I can't recall how long, but long enough in the past that I feel like I'm repeating myself each month. It's okay for me, because like all people who are somewhat self-absorbed, I don't really mind repeating myself.

But I've been thinking about this, and I'm going to try to make this my last complaint filled post on the subject. I hope future ones will be far more uplifting and not-so self deprecating. I might not succeed, but I feel like I've run the gambit on my insecurities over the past - well, however long it's been.

I've got this problem, the problem is in finishing things. I've got something in the order of half a dozen novels written that are in need of revisions and self-editing. HALF A DOZEN. For those of you keeping tabs, that's around six.

Yes, I had The Blutonian Death Egg out there being subbed at one point. But it's been taken off the market temporarily while I reconsider a few structural issues it may have.

So I'm always 'working' on something, but I'm rarely finishing things. At least novel length works. I'm afraid I'll go to my grave with 40 or 50 half-finished novels and nothing complete. I'm getting old, I need to churn some of these things out.

I have made a plan of action though, I know that free-wheeling it isn't producing much by way of manuscripts. I've got my plan and I'm going to stick to it.

I hope.

Happy IWSG everyone.


Brinda said...

I feel that way about a current MS. I keep rewriting and editing. I need to get past this one work. I'm glad you have a plan of action. I'm a checklist person and like knowing I can mark stuff off the list.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I've never had that problem, though I have spent much of this year editing various stories. Of course I had to edit my book about three times in the last two months because of changes suggested by my "editor" and my beta reader. But that should be done now so I can move on. Huzzah.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Finish something man! I'm ready to read more brilliance.

Tonja said...

I have a lot of not-quite-done manuscripts too. I'm definitely feeling like I'm not going to live forever. That would suck so hard to leave half-done novels behind. I imagine people at the funeral saying, "Did she spend all her time doing THAT?" Terrifying.

D.G. Hudson said...
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D.G. Hudson said...

Cut back on something, get a little breathing room.

I had to stop doing tags and awards. Just not enough time if I want to finish a couple of novels that are waiting. In the world of stress management, you cut some of the ties that bind you.
(had to repost comment, since I reversed that last line. . .)

Briane P said...

Wait... was the REAL insecurity here your insecurity over whether your insecurities are compelling enough?

Because that's supermeta.

I had to put on hold starting new stuff for a while because I have old stuff I want to finish. Then I started some new stuff anyway. I would say just write and be happy and maybe someone will publish all your stuff posthumously and you can look down from Heaven, which according to Mormons is another planet somewhere where you will be the king, and be happy. But then I found out from Michael Offutt that there is no afterlife, so I say get all that stuff published now.

(Honestly, I'd rather have the Mormon heaven than Michael's decomposition for eternity, but it's not up to me, apparently.)

(The afterlife SHOULD be up to me, because almost everything in it would come with sprinkles. Having recently had an ice cream cone with sprinkles on it, I can't believe I ever stopped having sprinkles on my ice cream.)

Andrew Leon said...

Wait... what does it mean if you hate repeating yourself? Because I do. I mean, I really hate repeating myself. It makes me weary.

I'm all for plans to help with completing things. That was my key to finishing House, having a plan for completion.

@Briane: But sprinkles don't taste like anything...?

The Golden Eagle said...

I have a lot of unfinished projects, too.

Good luck with your plan of action!

Kirsten said...

You are so not alone! And since this is my first time visiting your intriguing blog, your post is all new to me. :)
I find yours to be quite a valid insecurity.
I like to think I finish things, but it's more like just writing until there is nothing left to say. That's not really done, is it?
I need to restructure, polish, share with betas, query ...

Keeping at it and hoping for progress is all we can do, so hang in there. Sounds like you have a good plan!

Brent Wescott said...

If you're insecure about this in August, you should go ahead and write about it again. At least let us know if you've followed through on your plan. That's the tough part for me. I make a plan, but I have no follow through. You've got to be better than me, man.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear your plan? Besides me being noisy, it might help your progress if you put it out there and then you are accountable to all of us here on the www.
I have this problem with life, so, I made sure that I didn't fall into this trap in my writing. I work in stages, but if I am writing a first draft on something, that is all I can do until its done. One project at at time.

Donna Hole said...

I have tons of starts and even some middles and ends, but finishing is hard for me. The thought hits, I write until I have to go to bed, and when I get up, the incentive is all gone. Most of the plot concept too.

I figure the trick is not to go to sleep . .

I'm consistently telling myself "this is the last time I apologize for not being around blogger much" and then I go and make the same post. I think my mind gets stuck in a loop sometimes.


S. L. Hennessy said...

I congratulate you for your plan of action. I am currently plan-less, and miss the feeling of taking action. Action is always better than waiting around for things to happen (or publishers to finally realize how awesome your novel is). Good luck and happy 4th!

Lexa Cain said...

It sounds like you need a bit more of an outline when you start your next project. Good luck with all the half-finished ones. Maybe you can brainstorm awesome endings for them all! :-)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Happy IWSG, Rusty. I'm new. I'm looking forward to hearing your plan.