Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IWSG... It's 2014 Edition

In case any of you have forgotten what this little gem called The Insecure Writer's Support Group, is. Once upon a time, Alex J Cavanaugh had an idea that for once a month, we writers can tear off our masks of normality and reveal to the world all of our insecurities in a judgment free day of whinery.

It tends to be my favorite day of the month.

And although I can't hope to ever, ever, come close to reading everyone's posts on any given month. I do read as much as I can, and I find, generally speaking, that I'm disappointed in you all.

Why? Because, increasingly, I feel like I'm the only one what has real issues. Everyone else takes that time to just encourage one another. You know, 'Perk up, little trooper. It's going to be okay."

I want people down here in the mud, with me. Whining about how they suck and will never be anything other than a fraud, about how you've been neglecting your family and they deserve better, and how it's only by a thread that you manage to not call it quits each day. And how it's only because of some inner demon that you continue on anyway.

And if you don't feel that way. You should totally lie about it. It would make me feel so much better. Because I look around and see all these people who are so damned self-assured and I can't figure out what my problem is. Misery has been known, in the past, to enjoy the company of others. And increasingly, I feel alone here.

So, come on, people. Be miserable with me!

Okay, I'm kidding... mostly. I really don't want folks to feel bad about themselves. I do, honestly, feel like a fraud most of the time. But I get the feeling that feeling will haunt me no matter what I do in life. I've learned to deal with it.

So, perk up people, it'll be okay.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now I feel totally crappy for feeling good...
Actually I had an insecurity today, damn it! Better be happy with it.
And you are not the only one who likes IWSG post day the most. That still just blows my mind...

S. L. Hennessy said...

You want miserable...I can DEFINITELY give you that. I am pretty sure publication will never happen and these days I don't even feel like writing. Oh yeah, loserdom and I are BFF.

S. L. Hennessy said...

You want miserable...I can DEFINITELY give you that. I am pretty sure publication will never happen and these days I don't even feel like writing. Oh yeah, loserdom and I are BFF.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

No one does "misery" like you, my brother. You totally own it like a boss.

Jo said...

Sorry Rusty, I'm not miserable but then I don't write either, well a blog but that's not the same is it?

You've lost weight, that should keep you feeling on top of the world.

Briane P said...

Nobody could ever match you misery for misery, Rusty. You are the ...


of misery.

Dammit. I was going to name you the person or entity or someone who is really big or good at or something about something in order to compare you to that thing and point out how great you are at misery, and as you can tell, my mind is getting more and more blank as I write. Seriously, this is what I have right now:

You are the cupcake of misery.

I'm not even lying. I'm not sure what that means or how I got there in my mind, but that's what you are: the cupcake of misery.

mooderino said...

Wait, you're in the mud? You lucky so and so. I only wish I had mud to get down and dirty in. Why in my day you were lucky to have a handful of soot to roll around in.

Moody Writing

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, man, the Cupcake of Misery sounds awesome! Does it come with bacon?
Mine, today, was an insecurity whether it looked like it or not.

Not being able to stop or take a break sucks.

Anonymous said...

We're all Frauds. Ack!

Cindy said...

I promise to be more miserable on my next ISWG. Believe me..I can do it.

Also I don't know why you sometimes that your writing sucks. I've enjoyed all your stories. I just want to read an entire novel by you.

Rusty Carl said...

Alex - I'm trying to comment on people's comments, I just don't know what to say. So... hey.

SL - You and Loserdome are BFF's? Small world, that's my cousin!

Michael - Just like momma always told me to!

Jo - Weight loss has been nice.

Briane - the strength of your writing has always been in your metaphors. It's a masterclass on how to do it right, thank you. Hmmm... that may have came out more mean spirited than I meant. I'm just trying to be witty here.

Mooderino - Well then, that's better. I look down on you with pity. Rolling in soot is just too far. I kid. I'm really glad I'm not alone.

Andrew - Bacon cupcakes are amazing.

Readface - I feel like I'm the only one, maybe I'm too self involved to notice all the other folks being as big of frauds as I am.

Cindy - Thanks! For your promise to be more miserable, and for complimenting my stories.

Melissa Bradley said...

I feel your pain. I've been gone so long I think I forgot all I ever learned about writing. I am definitely in a huge mud pit.

Rusty Carl said...

Melissa - It goes away fast, I think. But I also think it comes back quickly too. Don't worry.

Birgit said...

hmmm I found you on the insecure writer's blog. I am insecure which I why I have not written in a long while and posted. I find ways to cheer up like watching Bad Santa-I find that a warm fuzzy film. I also send Christmas pics to my friend in Thailand who hates Christmas just to annoy him...wait is that a bad thing? Don't worry most people love putting on a show:)

Christine Rains said...

I've been wallowing in the mud lately and I've been splashing in it with toddler-like whining. I'll be querying this year, so there's going to be a lot of that feeling like a fraud stuff. But 2014 will be great, right? Cheers!

Heather Holden said...

Heh, I constantly feel like I suck and that I will never be good at things like art, so I'll happily--er, miserably?--wallow in the mud with you. XD

Donna Hole said...

I whine a lot. But its hard not to be happy when a publication only took 4 weeks to accept a short story. Yeah me!

Is that perky enough :)


Rusty Carl said...

Birgit - The Christmas pics to annoy your friend.... It makes me like you already. Awesome.

Christine - Despite my constant feeling of impending doom, I'm pretty optimistic about things too.

Heather - Thank you. I do love company here.

Donna - Congrats! You've done much better than I. Celebrate.