Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday... Things

Hey all, just a note that I'm sorry that I've not been around very much lately. I figure a short explanation is due. Recently, we've had some houseguests, er, that isn't quite true, we've had some tenants. Yep, real live people, come to live with us.

Now, my house isn't huge, and three new people, including a toddler and a kindergartner, kind of crowds things up. A lot. Sigh. I find that my evenings that used to be quiet and uneventful, are not full of screaming kids, breaking glass, and discovering anything smaller than a grape is fair game for being swallowed.

Deep breath.

When I have time, I write posts for here. Which means I'll do a week or so in advance and schedule them
(except this one, which I'm doing Thursday night). Something I never did before, mostly because I couldn't get it to work, but I'm not actually spending very much time actually online. I'm grabbing moments here and there and doing the best I can. But I've not been responding to comments to my posts very well, or at all, and have been late, or spotty about visiting others.

It'll take me a bit to find a new equilibrium. I wasn't the best at doing those things anyway, and this has only magnified my problem. So, there are things you can do to help.

1) If you can make your blogs cell phone friendly that would really help. When I pull up my blog on my phone it looks like the picture here. It's easy to navigate and eliminates all that stuff on the sidebars that is fine when I'm on a computer, but pure torture when I'm out and trying to look at stuff from my phone. It's really easy, in blogger all you have to do is enable mobile viewing from your settings... it's like a single button.

I thank you in advance.

2) Only post when I'm ready for you to.

3) Since I do get email notifications to comments from others, I think I'll try responding that way for a while. I receive them from others like that and I really dig it. I'm curious if anyone has opinions on that they care to share?

4) Don't think I'm being snooty, I realize everyone who stops by is doing so to support me as a fellow writer, or at least as a fellow blogger. I doubt any of my words are so golden that any feels they are incomplete for not reading them. I understand that, and I thank everyone for being  so generous with their time by stopping by as often as they do. I super promise that I... wait, I better rephrase that... I really hope to find a way to make sure everyone understands how much I appreciate it.

Since I suck at expressing myself in any way that resembles sincerity, I'll try not to screw it up.

Unrelated Question

Anyone besides me think this FTL neutrino thing (I found the actual paper... here) will prove to be a big bunch of BS? I've got a bet with Danette riding on the outcome.


julie fedderson said...

I feel your pain, I have two small children living with me and they really have a tendency to make writing difficult. I am skeptical about the neutrino discovery--that will screw up a whole lifetime of scifi pop culture for me, after all. I gave you an award, btw. Because I like your golden words and I do feel incomplete if I don't read them. Like a hole growing in my soul. Happy Friday!

Rogue Mutt said...

When they write a journal article about the FTL thing they should call it, "Everything You Know About the Speed of Light is WRONG!!!"

Anonymous said...

I've gome to the Apple store and found my blog looks fine on iPads. I'll have to look into being cell phone friendly. Good idea about losing the side bar stuff.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think you did fine! Sorry Nicki's quiz was a challenge. I didn't even look at it on my iPad until you mentioned it. I will make sure my blog is mobile ready.
And if small children were staying at my house, I'd just go stay in a hotel for a while. Or send them there. That might be better.

Tonja said...

Good tip on enabling the setting for mobile viewing.

Could be worse - imagine trying to be productive with a toddler, gradeschool kid and a teenager....:)

Maybe light is faster too and no one noticed...? Very cool article and awesome they publicly asked for help figuring it out.

Laila Knight said...

I'm wondering you these people are living in your house, stealing the grapes and hording your time. ;) I've been doing the commenting through email thing for a couple of months now. The only trouble with that is a lot of bloggers aren't set up so that you can reply by email to them, which sucks because it's actually more fun that way. I've found I've gotten to know a few of my followers better that way. And people that have a ton of followers don't have time to go around checking comment replies. Ha, I wrote that out loud. I'm daring everyone to deny it. :)

Michael Offutt said...

I don't write blogs ahead of time. I'm too lazy.

Andrew said...

Well, every other major, breakthrough discovery of the past decade or so has turned out to be wrong, like the whole cold fusion thing. I'm not holding my breath. However, neutrinos are weird little things, and I really doubt we're anywhere close to understanding how the universe works, so it also wouldn't surprise me if they do go faster than light.

Anonymous said...

Pluto isn't a planet, speed of light is actually slow... what is going ON with the world? I mean Prince was a man, then the man formerly known as but now a symbol, the formerly known as a symbol... bleh.

I'm not very scientific (I use the creative side of my brain;) So, I have no opinion on the matter, nor do I care about physics as long as when I drop something it falls.

Good luck with a house full. I prescribe lots of alcohol!

The Golden Eagle said...

Second post I've seen in as many days about enabling mobile/cell phone viewing--I've had it up on my blog for a while, since they released it.

I think there's a possibility that the neutrinos actually went faster than the speed of light; but it could also turn out otherwise. I'm waiting to see what happens next.

Munk said...

It's "Mutrino"... a little known X-man.

Cindy said...

Oh, I didn't know I had to enable mobile viewing. Doh....