Friday, September 2, 2011

I Love You George Lucas!

Star Wars. You've heard of it, right? The Interwebs are afoot with the sounds of excitement. You see, Star Wars is coming to Blue Ray.

I know, you must be thinking something along the lines of, "So?" 

I understand. I really do. However, to entice you to purchase it, Mr. Lucas has decided to add something to the movies yet again. Does anyone remember this scene from Return of the Jedi?

Well, apparently, we will get an added line of dialog as Vader tosses the beloved Emperor over the railing. If the rumors are true - which they are, as Lucasfilm has confirmed them, after all - Somewhere in that video above, and I guess it's going to be around the 1:10 mark, Vader will now utter this line:


Wow. That isn't the only change, I think he's making the Ewoks blink, for whatever that's worth. I think all the complaints about Ewoks ruining Jedi will go away after seeing that they blink. Awesome.

Actually, I wouldn't care a bit for all these changes one way or another if the originals were still available for me to have. But I don't want to go there, that's something for another day. The truth is that I probably wouldn't notice some of the more subtle changes, as I don't watch the films very often any more. But I just get a kick out of the constant tinkering that these films have gone through over the past 15 years. I think he really is like a writer that just can't leave his manuscript alone.

Here is a link to the story about some of the latest changes.

Okay, so say Lucas called you and said, "I need a single line of dialog for Vader to say as he tosses Palpatine over the rail."

What line would you give him?


Rogue Mutt said...

I thought the "Noooo" was when the Emperor starts frying Luke? Whatever. I'm glad I bought "Empire Strikes Back" on DVD with the original theatrical version disc included (plus I still have a VHS copy of that and Jedi).

What's funny is one of the things they're changing is I guess in Empire when the wampa swats Luke if you look closely you can see the end of a pole on the wampa's arm. I'd watched the movie like 500 times and never noticed it. Why? Because it doesn't freaking matter!

Most of these changes don't really add anything to the movies (like did changing the color of the Bespin sky matter?) and some of them like when Han and Jabba talk in the original "Star Wars" seem half-assed anyway.

Someone needs to seriously hold an intervention with Lucas and get him to stop. Maybe if he tried doing some NEW movies (like non-Star Wars or Indiana Jones ones) he wouldn't worry about these so much. Or maybe he could go work on "Howard the Duck: The Mega Special Edition".

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, he just keeps making changes. Probably bugs him that his movies look dated while those from Cameron and Speilberg don't.

Rusty Webb said...

You are probably right about when the 'No' takes place. I decided to guess about when it happened. I guess that would make more sense.

I agree that some of the changes I thought were better, with the cooler looking sky, erasing mat lines, stuff like that is great. Adding dialog and farting dinosaurs might be too much though.

Rusty Webb said...

Alex - I haven't seen the redone effects in the original trilogy since the late nineties. I remember at the time thinking some of them looked pretty cheesy. I'm guessing a lot of that stuff didn't age well. Too bad he's become so enamored with all that. Maybe he's bored.

Rogue Mutt said...

I don't think he's ever got it yet that people care more about the story and characters than the effects.

Laila Knight said...

LOL. Okay, I like Star Wars but I'm not buying the blueray because of a blink and a no. I'd have to say that the best change they've made so far was Java the Hut..not sure if I spelled it right...oh and when they changed Luke's father's spirit to a young guy...that rocked. :)

Michael Offutt said...

It's his movie. He can do whatever he wants to it. It's not like they won't make money.

julie fedderson said...

Blinking Ewoks? Oh, the humanity.

Tonja said...

Ewoks are the teddy bears, right? It won't make them more believable.

I have watched The Empire Strikes Back literally thousands of times - it helps me sleep. The snow scene (monster and all) is strangely calming - I'm out cold before Luke gets in his space ship.

Matthew MacNish said...

As much of a genius as Lucas used to be, I'm pretty sure he's gone off the deep end. No one who was involved with any of the creative processes that went into making Episode III could possibly have any sense left.

Also: Jar Jar. Hayden Christiansen. I could go on.

Munk said...

I think he should say something about the Ewok's blocked tear ducts.

Oh... BTW I read up on a Dead God's Wrath and enjoyed it.

Andrew said...

I don't have an issue with Lucas changing things. Tolkien changed things in LotR all the way up until he died, but no one other than the publishers ever really knew. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy this edition only because their going to start being released next year in 3d, and I will want those, so I might save the money this time. I still have the original theatrical cut on VHS (even though the "original" version of Ep IV is not actually the original as there were some scenes cut between the 77 release and the 78 release.

Oh, and he does have a new movie coming out next year. It's a WWII movie called Red Tails.

In all actuality, knowing something about how things work down at the Ranch, Lucas probably had very little to do with the changes in the upcoming Blu-ray release. Sure, he signed off on them, but that was probably about what it was. They came to him and said, "we want to do this," and he said, "sure, whatever."

Donna Hole said...

I thought that scene was lame when I saw it originally in the theater, and adding the "Nooo" isn't going to fix it. "Father, save me!" "Ok son, I'll stop trying to kill you and save you instead." Seriously? We authors wouldn't be able to get away with that ending now.

Ok, so the line I'd add: Vadeer doing a face palm with "What was I thinking all these years of evil service."

No worse than just a "Noooo!" Huh?


Cindy said...

I don't get why they go to all this trouble for these little changes? *shrug*