Friday, September 9, 2011

Update Time

If anyone has wondered why I've been such a looser about commenting, either here or at the blogs of others, lately. I apologize. I've been writing these posts in advance and not really been spending much time online this week. I'll try really hard to catch up this weekend.

Anyway, in an effort to be entirely open. I figure it's been long enough to throw out another update on my sales for A Dead God's Wrath.

Amazon:         15
Amazon UK:    2
B&N:               4
Smashwords:    1
Total:              22

I can't recall when I dropped my update last, but it wasn't too long ago. Regardless, I think I had something like 16 total sales at the time. I haven't continued at that type of pace, but I do find it interesting that there have been at least a sale or two to people I've never heard of. That's awesome.

Anyway, for the most part, it's been 22 sales to people who stop by this blog and read what I have to say on a pretty regular basis. For that, I thank you all.

The Fire Sale going on at Borders right now has meant that I've gotten a to be read pile that is at least waist high sitting next to my bed. Too bad I've already piddled away so much of my vacation time this year. It would great to do nothing but read for a week or two.

If you have one near you, run down there quick before they close the doors, books are so cheap I'm buying stuff I hate just because I can. I hope I don't warp my sense of value because of this, I could get used to paying $2 for a new book.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, those are still sales! And I am used to only paying a couple bucks for book with eBooks.

Andrew said...

I tried to convince my wife to go browse with me in a Borders, but she wouldn't hear of it. No new books while getting ready to move no matter how cheap they are. Darn it!

Hey, where do you find the ranking stuff on kindle? I found it once, but, now, I cant't find it again. Not that matters. I have a total of 1 kindle sale on the new edition. 4 on the Nook, though.

Rogue Mutt said...

I might have bought something the couple times I went but the line was so long that I didn't feel like it. I mean I could probably get it just as cheap on the Internet (though it might be used) without standing in line and even if I don't get it right away I probably wasn't going to start reading it immediately.

Which was all part of what brought Borders down in the first place, along with charging $30 for a DVD.

Cindy said...

Your sales are almost the same as mine when I published Vallar. The best month was the first, and from then on sales here and there. Reviews bring a few, interviews bring a least so far.

julie fedderson said...

I vultured my Borders last week. Bought mostly horror, 'tis the season after all. I think the first sales are always the hardest until word of mouth gets out and reviews start, and to have done so well with visitors to your blog? That's fantastic--really says something about loyalty to you and your writing.

Deborah Walker said...

I can understand the allure of cheap books. I bought four new paperbacks for £1 the other day from the pound shop. They've thrillers with submarines and suchlike on them. Not my usual thing. But, c'mon, four for a pound? You know it makes sense.

Kim Mullican said...

A busy schedule makes commenting a bitch! I sold 4 books in the first 24 hours... I haven't looked since. I just - there's a hole in my stomach! LOL - all the work and stress surrounding this passion we have combined with the day job (which for me is 50+ hours a week) I need a vacation.

I've bought more books in the last year than ever before...because they're cheap!

Keep going!

Jessica Thompson said...

Haha, that's great!

Munk said...

Thanks for the numbers Rusty. And the Borders advice.

Laila Knight said...

You're selling..that's what rocks. It's perfectly understandable that you've been busy. The social media takes a lot out of you. And you do have the huge list of to dos. :)

Michael Offutt said...

I never got around to pillaging Borders. I guess that's cause I've gone entirely ebook.