Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Things Every Blogger Should Know

I'm all about self-improvement - but only if it's easy. If I can improve without trying then I'm on board. Well, I happen to be a pretty observant person, I don't work at it, that's just how I am.

When I decided to turn my prodigious observational skills towards the world of blogging, what did I learn?

1) If you use blogger, you'll have 'page unavailable' errors a lot. I mean, a whole lot. Like, several times a day. They generally don't last long, but it can be infuriating if you're trying to check in on your fellow bloggers and can only visit those that are using other services.

2) Those stats tools are pretty neat, but it's only fun if your page views are going up. Right now mine look more like a water park slide. It can be disheartening.

3) If you notice you get 10 times your normal hits, and they are all coming from an eastern European country, then you're probably about to get hacked. I know that one from experience.

4) And finally, if you say something you kind of wish you didn't, even if you delete it, it was cached somewhere. Just keep that in mind.

And that's it, take that wisdom and bury it somewhere close to your heart.


Zan Marie said...

I really like #4. It's the little typos and misspellings that make me want to cringe and they get our in the ether before I can blink.

Good post. Come by an see my new one about swearing. When I get three more followers, I'm hosting a Celebration Blogfest. Hopefully before the weekend's over. ; )

Rogue Mutt said...

Well, #3 explains the uptick in traffic yesterday!

mooderino said...

Thanks. Wisdom archived.

Moody Writing

Trisha said...

#4 is very important to remember, I think. LOL.

I don't get those page unavailable errors...yet.

Rusty Webb said...

Zan - I've gone so far as to rant about the corrupt officer of the law that gave me a ticket unjustly... then gone back and watched the video of the violation. Er, oops.

And I did stop by to see your latest, and I kid you not, when I hit publish on my comment I got 'page not found'. Figures.

Rogue - Seriously, I get nervous even thinking about it. I thought of those Latvians just dug my subtle and subversive humor - turns out they just wanted me to post comments on other people's sites about how awesome some link was. All you had to do is click.


Mooderino - Good, then I'll know where to go to retrieve it later.

Trisha - see my response to Zan, above.

Wannabe Writer said...

My stats look like cat ears right now! Low, high, low, high, low, and with a little tilt. It's like a giant blue anime cat is about to emerge.

Michael Offutt said...

I don't get page unavailable errors. HOw strange.

Andrew Leon said...

blogspot just likes you better, Michael :P

Rusty Webb said...

Wannabe - Yeah, mine can look like the stock market a bit too, as long as it's going down that is.

Michael - I stunned, I cannot go more than 20 minutes without getting one. That it's only related to blogger sited makes me think it has to be blogger, not my isp. Odd. But good for you, just enjoy it as much as you can.

Andrew - agreed.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I've never had the pleasure of getting hacked by Europeans. Are our blogs that lucrative, that they stand something to gain by taking them over...?

-E- said...

@Zan Marie *out