Saturday, April 30, 2011

One More!

Can't stop playing with my tablet - I'm getting a bit better I suppose. The skin isn't quite so blotchy. I even gave this guy some forehead decoration. Not real digital painting, but digital coloring at least. Right?
Click to embiggen - if you aren't scared
Soon, I will work on pics related to some of my stories, well, I say soon, as soon as I think I can do something that doesn't look too cheesy.



Rogue Mutt said...

He looks like Lex Luthor if he got in a knife fight.

Andrew Leon said...

When I saw it as a little, tiny pic, I thought it was Destro.

Trisha said...

So jealous you have a tablet! I have one that doesn't work. Err, yeah, not much use that. ;)

Stuck In A Window said...

Goldfinger strikes again!