Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Again

It's funny that I still love Friday's so much, despite that fact that pretty much every Saturday I'm up and going to work just like a weekday. I would have thought that I would have grown to dread Saturday's as much as Monday's after a while, but I suppose that isn't possible after a lifetime of conditioning. I just really like Friday's.

So, it's Friday, and I didn't select a comment of the week this week. Not from things people commented on during this week, but things people said last week. I really wanted to pick Boopia's comment from my post about death and Briane Pagel's incredible novel, The After. She, among her many talents, works part time as a trauma surgeon, and related a story about how of all the people she's talked to that have been clinically dead yet were resuscitated (5) all of them said it was a pretty pleasant experience. 

I mean, everyone else wanted to talk about baby teeth.

Still, I made a promise that I wouldn't choose a comment from people I know well, because in the interest of making this seem to be fair, I decided that even though her comment was well deserving of this great honor, since I know her quite well, it could still give the impression I was playing favorites. So if I you've been a long time blog visitor, or someone I know well, if I have promised not to pick you, then I won't pick you.

So, with her entry being disqualified  I went through the archives and found this little gem from The Golden Eagle, who seemed to at least appreciate the irony of the situation where I'm discussing the mysteries of the universe and folks are still amazed about my teeth:

Well deserved. I should totally make a button for this.

In other news. Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

She put it all into perspective for you!
How long do you have to keep working on Saturdays?

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Come on, you can't blame people for being curious about your freakish medical condition. LOL.

Cindy said...

Hope you get a break from working those Saturdays soon.

Tonja said...

I like Fridays too. And I like to get things done on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my husband and I aren't in sync on this, which makes for miserable weekends. Oh well.

M Pax said...

Great wisdom by Eagle.

Talking to people who were dead for awhile sounds really fascinating. It's nice to know it was a pleasant experience.

Kerrie Boyd Thomas said...

Totally button worthy!
So I am starting early to go check out all the blogs on the A to Z Challenge coming up and I landed here! I'm your newest follower.
Giggle, Laugh, Cry

Andrew Leon said...

Everybody dies. Not everyone carries their baby teeth in their mouth until they die.

Rusty Webb said...

But I'm not dead yet. I can still lose them before I die. Then I'll be normal.

The Golden Eagle said...

My comment was chosen as the comment of the week? Wow. I never expected that!

It must be interesting to speak to people who've been resuscitated.

Briane P said...

Message: If you are a longtime commenter and/or know Rusty, put zero effort into comments.

CAN DO! Why, I'm barely even typing this. Mostly I'm just letting my hands droop on the keyboard and hoping for the best.

Saw what you did on Grumpy's cover. You've got a lot of talent.

Ciara said...

Work on Saturdays? Yuck! I hope that is short term.