Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looks Like I Became a TV Snob

THE OTHER DAY my son was all freaked out because he said he had to have this show DVR’d and he wasn’t going to be around to do it. He asked if I would pretty please take care of it for him. No problem.

I whipped out he ‘ol remote and started thumbing the menu options and I noticed something: None of the menus looked right. The font was wrong, the little icons were wrong, the colors of the little boxes were wrong. Was this even my TV?

Technically, it was the cable company that made the changes, not my television, but whatever, I saw the changes through my TV, which makes it my TV that changed… Just, don’t argue with me about it, it’s a minor point.

So, I was there with the control and my hand and I was absolutely flummoxed. Not that I couldn’t figure out what the buttons did, I could still actually work the thing, but it was strange that everything was so different. “When did this happen?” I asked.

My son, who hadn’t been paying any attention to me after I told him I would record his show looked up. I had to explain my whole experience to him again, about how the icons looked weird, about how the fonts and colors were different, the whole thing. His answer?

“A few months ago.”

“You’re telling me,” I said, “that they changed these doobibblies on the TV months ago and I didn’t notice?”

He nodded. “You haven’t been watching TV.”

Was that possible? "I have too!" I might have shouted it. I can't remember. But then I thought for a moment and I couldn't actually remember the last time I'd watched anything.

I used to think that I never wanted to be one of those people that didn’t watch TV, I like TV, I like lots of things about it, it makes me feel warm, it keeps me from feeling sad when I’m alone, it comforts me when I’m scared. Have I been neglecting it for that long?

I don’t think it’s been that long. I watched the Super Bowl on my TV, that wasn’t that long ago. Have I turned my back on my lifelong companion? It makes me want to give it a hug. My perception of people who didn’t watch television are of men that smoke pipes and women who don’t believe in hygiene (oh god, did I just write that?). I’m not either one of those.

So, the new me is going to try to etch out a new bloc of time to watch some TV. Anybody know if anything good is on? And don’t say Game of Thrones, because I don’t have HBO and I can’t watch it.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Think your TV needs a hug.
No HBO here either. Ever watched The Mentalist? That's a good show. Reruns of Psych or the Big Bang Theory are always good. And there's this little thing called March Madness going on...

Brinda said...

I can't help you. I have given up tv for my writing time. I was lured into watching a song or two from American Idol recently since my husband watches tons of reality shows. He watches that Man Vs. Wild and Gold Rush. I only make fun of the shows some of the time as I walk though the family room.

Melissa Bradley said...

Give that TV a hug right now. You can watch Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, there's also Psych like Alex suggested and the Big Bang Theory, which I love.

It is funny how we seem to get into a routine and not realize it. Then we stop for whatever reason and it's like we're waking form a coma,unaware of how much time has passed.

Huntress said...

*shakes head*
The Hubby didn't notice the new corner table in the bathroom for three years.

Bob (Beauty in Ruins) said...

With an 8 month old in the house, most of my TV watching seems to be comprised of cartoons, so the DVR is a life-saver.

The shows I have set up to record weekly are Once Upon a Time (a true guilty pleasure), Grimm (great monster-of-the-week fun), Big Bang Theory (I see myself in that show far too often), NCIS (great character show), and CSI (after a few lean years, Ted Danson has really breathed new life into it).

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

About all I watch on TV are hockey games and baseball games. And "Family Guy" and "American Dad" on Sundays. If something like "Psych" or "Archer" or "Robot Chicken" is new then I might watch it or just watch it On Demand.

I've actually considered dumping the cable (except for Internet) to save some money.

Jay Noel said...

Same boat here. I'm so busy, I have five weeks of some of my favorite shows on my DVR, just waiting for me. I tried cutting the cord (satellite), and got one of those internet streaming boxes.

It was cool, for like two weeks. And then not so cool. Got Dish a month later.

M.J. Fifield said...

Psych. Definitely Psych. And the Big Bang Theory. Community on NBC can be quite funny.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

So sorry that you don't have Game of Thrones. On Wednesday, I watch Modern Family. On Thursday, I watch Big Bang Theory and then Touch on Fox. On Friday, I watch Supernatural, Merlin, and Fringe. And on Sunday I'm going to be watching Game of Thrones *ducks rock being thrown at head.

I've heard good things about Mad Men and Justified. I haven't looked into either but they are on the list. Perhaps if you haven't seen them you could look them up?

Also it's not too late to get caught up on Breaking Bad before the new season starts this summer.

And on cop dramas, I kinda like Rookie Blue. It'll be starting up with season 3 pretty soon.

And then in the fall of course there is the return of the Walking Dead.

Andrew Leon said...

You know, I haven't really actually watched anything on TV, I mean a show at its actual air time, since I was 15. The only things I've watched for years are shows we rent.

Get Justified. Seriously.

And I answered your broken head question over on Briane's blog.

Martha said...

I Love the shows on the ID channel when I bother to watch TV at all. I'm stopping by to say hello before the A-Z challenge begins. I'm a new follower here :)

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

i've been so spoiled by netflix instant view. that's pretty much how i watch tv, anymore.
the only show i make a point of seeing every week it airs is FACE-OFF on the syfy channel. with your love of (and talent for) art, you'd probably find it just as fascinating as i do!

Cherie Reich said...

If you have USA, you can watch Psych. As for myself, I have to watch reruns on Psych on a station called ION on Saturday evenings, but I'm sure they do different things where you live. I heart reruns of Psych. I also enjoy The Mentalist, CSI (the original one), The Big Bang Theory, and several other shows. I couldn't imagine not watching TV.

M Pax said...

I don't think you're missing anything. There's no sci-fi on. :-(

I watch Netflix mostly these days. I just can't handle all the commercials. With that said, I've gotten into Full Metal Jousting. But it's men doing stupid, bloody things.

Cindy said...

Wish I could help you out. I've gotten away from TV over the years. Lately I watch Monk and NCIS reruns. I also like George Lopez on Nick at Night.

The Golden Eagle said...

Uh . . . I really don't have an suggestions. The only thing we watch is PBS, and I have no idea what the other channels are showing.

Nancy said...

I agree with Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, and Big Bang (I'm shocked you don't watch that one). I also have started watching Missing and am enjoying it.

Tonja said...

A new season of Mad Men started. It wasn't great. Frozen Planet is on Sunday nights on Discovery I think. My older kids and I stared at it and said, 'Cool,' repeatedly.

All we have saved is little kid shows - there's a really awesome Dora the Explorer next Wednesday at 10:00 (seriously).