Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday News... And PinkyHell 2012

Way back in January I mentioned some writing goals I had put on myself to complete this year. So far I've done the minimum amount required - but nothing really beyond that. I still have these big, nebulous goals I've not even worked on concerning novel writing. Stupid reality, it keeps dragging me down. 

BUT, I am so about to get right back at it. 

One of those goals was the completion of the first draft of my previous November’s fantasy novel. A more daunting task than it might seem because it’s got many viewpoint characters, an entirely created fantasy world, and a plot that is more intricate than anything I’ve ever written before.

And now, almost four months after I stopped working on it, I’m halfway through the first draft and can’t exactly remember where I was going with it. So I’ve been going back to my notes, notes about the story, about the world I’d made, about the characters, etc.

I can see why it takes George R.R. Martin a decade or so to write a novel. The damn thing can get to be this sprawling epic that is hard to keep a handle on. Of course, his are actually good. But aside from that, I think I have an appreciation for all the work he has to put in. It's really complicated.

Comment of the Week:

Angela won my heart with her mention of Wookies on Friday. Thank you Angela!

PictureLet's see here, what else?I forget sometimes that there is a point to blogging, that it’s not just an excuse for me to express my awesomenity in written form. It’s actually a tool to raise awareness of not only my work, but that of others.

Brinda Berry, who kindly offers encouragement and pearls of wisdom when she comments here, as well as introducing me to the awesome digital painting videos on her blog recently, has released her second novel in her Whispering Woods series. Writing is hard, and I always want to hang on to stuff to do just one more pass, I'm impressed with her for plugging through, it shows real professionalism to be able to write till completion on her stories. I hope it does well. 

I feel like a warrior from a bygone era
Also, PinkyHell 2012 continues to plague me. It’s now been 2 weeks since that fateful day when putting on my t-shirt turned into a tale of overcoming adversity and overwhelming pain. Yes, I still manage to get dressed on my own, but I self diagnose as having some nerve damage, as it tingles still when I try to use it. It makes me happy that it’s pretty much only used for semi-colons on the keyboard, I use it for a few other things, but it can almost be ignored when typing.

And remember - It’s less than two weeks until the A-Z blogging challenge begins!


Melissa Bradley said...

I hear you on the sprawling draft and getting it to go where you want. I have to get back to my own writing which has gone on to the back burner of late.

Your poor pinky. It looks like it survived a battle or three. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You finish that epic fantasy and I'm sure it will be really good as well! And better to have challenges getting your clothes on rather than off, right? That's a moment killer right there.

Nancy said...

I realize this may sound pedantic but if it is still bothering you go to the doctor. And you are a warrior, just at a different kind of speed.

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

I wonder if anyone's ever died from a pinky injury? You might make medical history!

M.J. Fifield said...

PinkyHell looks painful. Fingers, I find, are always are always painful injuries, no matter how minor they are.

One of my dogs accidentally ripped all the tendons in the middle finger on my left hand a few years ago. That took months— and some physical therapy— to heal.

Good luck with the writing... I'm way behind in my goals so I'm right there with you.

Briane P said...

ONLY used for semicolons?

I am sick and tired of people downing the semicolon, like it's some kind of second-class punctuation. Semicolons have all the grace and dignity of any other item of punctuation, and a whole lot more than some.

(Ampersand? PLEASE. And don't mention the bracket. I'm so SICK of the bracket.)

YOU try balancing a period on top of a comma, all day every day, and holding apart two independent clauses all day. It's not easy. I imagine. I once applied for a job as a semicolon and after grueling tryouts, I was taken aside and told "You don't have what it takes, kid. Maybe start out as a quotation mark, and come back when you have a couple years under your belt."

My dreams were dashed. I sobbed myself to sleep that night. But was that the fault of the noble semicolon? IT WAS NOT. Maybe someday I will join their ranks, but until then, I can at least stick up for them.

Misha Gericke said...

Hahahahaha welcome to my life. I gave up on being the plotter a few months into starting Doorways. Because if I have to write everything down, I'd never find everything again.


Cindy said...

If I've been away from a story for too long, I end up reading it again from the beginning. It's like it has to be uploaded..again. lol

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Poor pinky. I am a slow writer as well. But not as slow as Mr. Martin.

Andrew Leon said...

You're beginning to make me think you broke that pinky.
You shouldn't feel bad about all the pain. Fingers, after all, do have one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in the body.

@Briane: LOL
And I agree about the semi-colon. It's gotten a bad rep as of late. People just throw commas around like they're candy, but it's just bacause they have no respect for the semi-colon.

Cherie Reich said...

Good luck with the sprawling fantasy you're working on. And ow, the pinky injury looks painful.

Brinda said...

Wow. I was surprised and grateful to see the mention and book cover here. It means a lot to have support from my fellow writers/bloggers. I tend to stress out a little over this whole publishing thing. Thanks so much!! I would also be stressing over that pinky. I know you're feeling like a warrior and all...but...hmmm.

julie fedderson said...

Don't forget that now when you drink tea, you'll automatically have proper English form thanks to the pinky injury.

M Pax said...

It's probably just the pressure from the coagulated blood under the nail making it tingly. I would think. Hope the pinky heals up soon.

My first series--which maybe I'll publish one day after much, much, much more work--is a pain that way. My advice--break it up into bite-sized pieces. I find it easier to tackle such tasks that way.