Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Day

Another week is ripping on by at breakneck speed and I have little to show for it. But, I did send off my short story to Writers of the Future in high hopes of that $5k prize they promise. I would consider converting to Scientology if it will help me win.

Of course I took a quick peek at my story just after I hit the submit button and found several oopses that I can't believe I didn't see the first 27 times I read over manuscript. But you know, whatever.

So that one is gone, good riddance. Also have been trying to write a two page synopsis for my novel. I'm about to send it off and need that damned synopsis. I've spent more time trying to get that together than I spent on the stupid book in the first place.

But, the one part I think is fun is this thing I've heard that publisher's love. Summing up the novel in a single sentence. I heard a couple of interviews online in the past few weeks and it seems that you want to throw out no more that three popular references that anyone might now if they were to hear it.

So what do I say in my one sentence summary? It's Rendezvous with Rama meets Apollo 13 meets Psych.

I'm worried that Psych isn't popular enough though. I can't describe an unknown, unpublished, novel by referencing an obscure show. I did have an earlier version of my one sentence summary that replaced Psych with Clerks, but I think Psych is a much better descriptor of the novel. Oh the problem.

Makes me wonder though, if you are writing a novel, or already have, what would your one sentence description be if you have to use a mash-up of popular movies or novels to describe it?

Oh, and I heard today that the traditional color associated with Saint Patrick was blue. I can't wrap my head around that. It'll take a few more beers for me to make sense of that.

And I know I've got those blogger awards things hanging around my neck like a noose. I think I'm going to be working this weekend, at the office and at home. But I'll try to at least get something out there.

Drink safely


Rogue Mutt said...

I love Psych. It's the one non-animated show I'll actually watch. You could always use "The Mentalist" which is just the CBS ripoff of Psych.

Trisha said...

Don't you hate it how you've edited 50k times and just after you've sent, you find all those errors you missed before? :)


I've done a few one-sentence summaries lately - it's quite a challenge, but a fun one.

Nancy said...

Hope you get good results from WOTF.

Wannabe Writer said...

I cannot wait to read that book. I love Arthur C. Clarke (I tried to meet in when he lived in Sri Lanka) and Psych!

I would describe my current project as Memento meets Spellman Files meets Gossip Girl (oh my).

Rusty Webb said...

Stupid internet at my house it going to crap. Can't get anything to work right the first time.

Rogue - All I know about the Mentalist I learned from the jokes they make about it on Psych. I wouldn't be able to compare my novel to it, I just don't know if it has the same tone to it that I am trying to covey with my comparison to Psych.

Trisha - It drives me crazy. I go blind after a while and I miss the stupidest stuff.

Nancy - thanks, I did weirden up the beginning like you said. Hopefully it's enough to make someone take notice.

Wannabe - I only know Memento, but that is one of my favorite movies. So I'm already interested.

Anonymous said...

Better make that blue beer then. And isn;t there a pill one can put in a liquid drink to make people pee blue? There is but I can't thin of it. How about putting that in tap beer at local pubs on St. Patty's day? That'd be a real hoot but probably scare a lot of people too. Well, one has to have a sense of humor on drinking holidays.

Deborah Walker said...

Good luck with the WOTF, I hope you mentioned your willingness to embrace Scientology in your manucript, it's bound to get you a Honourable Mention.

Zan Marie said...

Blue? Hmmm. The Green is historically a polictical statement, so I guess St. Pat's could be blue. I had a history prof once whose family had come from Ireland much later than mine and he wouldn't wear green. His people were Orangemen. ; )

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You mean after more than five seasons Psych isn't considered popular?

Michael Offutt said...

Best of Luck to you in becoming a finalist for Writers of the Future :) I hope you were just kidding tho that you would convert to scientology just to improve your odds of winning 5K.

Rusty Webb said...

Stephen - a pill that give me blue pee? Holy cow, that's almost a super power. I'll be on the hunt today for that. Wish me luck.

Deborah - No, I didn't mention my interest in their religion. I probably missed out because of it. Dammit.

Zan - I did read a bit about the color green in Ireland and seem to recall that it was part of a political thing. I'm fuzzy on the details though. My knowledge of anything outside the U.S. is astoundingly awful.

Alex - I don't know. I don't know what sort of critical mass is necessary for a cable show to get renewed for five seasons. I know it isn't totally unknown, but whenever I mention the show to folks in the real world I generally get confused looks. No one I know has heard of it.

Michael - Of course I'm kidding. Unless it would help, then I'm serious. But I'd quit as soon as they ask for me to do anything or believe anything. That's where I draw the line. Doing and believing stuff.

Sarah Allen said...

Don't worry about Psych being obscure. Such a good show :) And best of luck with the submission!

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)