Monday, March 28, 2011

Well Folks, I Can't Do Anything About it Now

In the past week I've submitted a short story to writers of the future and as of today, sent a two page synopsis and first five chapters of my novel to the fine folks over at Angry Robot Books. They promise that they'll read it and get back to me within the next six months or so.

Great. Now what?

Actually, I've got several other things that await my attention. I won't be lacking for things to do. I think my bio says I've got a closet full of manuscripts. Well, I guess I'll try to get as many of those things cleaned up and ready  to go as I can. That should keep me busy for several months.

Lets see. What else? My son, has recently decided to become a footballer. Um, an American footballer to any non U.S. residents out there. He's decided his position will be wide receiver. I, of course, decided to go out there and toss the old pig skin around with him and within seconds managed to almost break his fingers. Oops. He may not be doing much of anything that requires the use of said fingers for the next week or two.

But the whole reason I was out there is that a foot injury that has plagued me for the past six months has finally showed signs of relief (thanks to drugs and all sorts of medical devices prescribed to me to alleviate that pain). So I was running and jumping out there. I felt, for a few minutes at least, like I was a young pup again.

My knees however, those still hurt. But whatever, at least the feet are feeling good.

Happy Monday everyone.


Elizabeth Twist said...

Hooray for feet! Hooray for submissions! It sounds like you've set yourself up for a great week (like a Boss).

Rogue Mutt said...

Wide receiver? That's the diva position. Have you worked on endzone dances with him yet?

Stuck In A Window said...

Dang, maybe your kid should reconsider if he can't catch a ball tossed by his crippled dad. Hah, that was mean, and i was totally kidding. Plus, i shouldn't be talking trash. The last time i caught a football (several years ago) i jammed my pinky... permanently. I can't fully extend the thing.

Best of luck to you and your son.

Sylvia van Bruggen said...

Congratulations on all the submissions!

Zan Marie said...

Congrats on the submissions. Good luck to your son. I do hope he learns early that sports can hurt as well as excite.

Michael Offutt said...

Congratulations on all accounts. You're getting published, entering a contest for some monies and recognition, son is becoming an athlete...that's just awesome!

Anonymous said...

I still get out there and shoot some hoops but the speed and jumping just aren't there. But there's always "savvy" that comes from years of playing. Good luck with those knees and feet and that MS of yours.