Sunday, March 27, 2011

Holy Schnikies

It's funny how things can turn on a dime sometimes. Life is short. The missus had pretty icky automobile accident over the weekend. I'd like to complain about how cars just fall apart when they hit something, but I also know that they're designed to do that so the folks inside the vehicle are kept safe. So as it is, we are inconvenienced for being one vehicle down for awhile. But she's okay. When I got the call that she was in an accident I started to panic but again, modern safety standards kept the accident from being much worse than it could have been.

I had big plans for the weekend, as a result of the aforementioned incident they were put on hold. Synopsis still not quite ready to go. A critique I was supposed to do is still undone. But at least folks are all okay and things can commence more or less with only slight delays.

But it makes me think of a bigger question. At least for those of us that are using blogger, did you know you can just click a little ole switch in your settings to optimize your blog pages for mobile users? Reading blogs on my phone is frustrating because so few folks click that little switch. Please people, I'll love you all forever for doing it.

Cheers everyone.


Rogue Mutt said...

Well that's good that the accident wasn't too bad.

Trisha said...

I'm glad the accident wasn't worse! yikes!

I clicked that switch recently only because I saw it mentioned on another person's blog in the lead-up to the A-Z ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cars and parts can be replaced - your wife can't. Glad she's all right.

Stuck In A Window said...

I was in a car accident in mid January. Our van flipped as we slid off the side of an exit as we were getting off the interstate. The exit was completely iced over. Very scary but everyone was alright. Glad you missus is alright.

I'm new to your blog, but i already like it. Feel free to check out mine sometime. =D

Lauri said...

I'm so glad your wife is okay! And no, I didn't know about the optimizing button. Thanks.

Stuck In A Window said...

Oh wow, what a coincidence! You live in Knoxville? That's crazy. Go Vols!

Love Carl Sagan. He's taught me so much. Actually, i found your blog by clicking on the demon-haunted world in my profile to find others who listed it as one of their fav books. I figured anybody who lists the DHW as one of their fav books must be alright.

I look forward to your future posts.

Michael Offutt said...

I didn't know that. I'll have to go make sure that my little thingy is clicked. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Accidents are yucky but at least you'll get a new car out of it.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Glad the wife is okay! I designed a template on mobify me that makes our blog suitable for phones. I love it. Yours looks good (I'm on my phone)! Viewing these things without that setting sucks.