Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Makes Me Sick

I'm a pretty sensitive kind of guy. I really am. So, when folks start talking about their kids incessantly I indulge as much as I can. I try, I really do. I have kids of my own, both biological and step. I get it, you're proud. I am too. Which of course is why I indulge, I'm guilty of the same thing. I talk too long, show pictures to people who don't care and can't stop myself. That's just part of having kids.

But then, some folks go and do the same thing about their pets. Oh god no.

I'm about to become one of those people too.

I have a dog, I love it. It's the probably the best dog in the world. It's a 110 pound Great Pyrenees. How good is this dog? Well, I can leave the trash out all day because I pulled it from the trash can on my way to work and then forgot to take it out to the trash can outside. It's full of pizza crust, leftover chicken, cookies, whatever. I come home nine hours later and she is patiently waiting for me. Trash untouched.

She has a bell hanging from the door to the backyard, she just goes and rings the bell when she wants out. When I tell her to come, she comes. When I tell her to leave something alone, she does. She does all sorts of tricks upon command. If I open the door to the backyard to bring her in she sits and waits for me to give her permission before entering. I think she would wipe her feet if I put a mat out for her.

Best. Dog. Ever.

Anyway, as much as I love my dog. As a rule, I don't like pets. They are just walking heartaches, determined to make you care more about them than you thought possible... then they'll go get run over by a car or die of old age after a mere decade or so. Not worth it.

So anyway, I show up at the house after work on Thursday and what is sitting in my living room?

Why is there a squirrel in my house?
There is this bony, neglected, pitiful creature shivering in the floor with the entire family huddled around it. Every one is just staring at it like it's baby Jesus. Sigh.

Actually, it looks just like Dobby from the Harry Potter movies.

We took it to the vet, we think it will live. The family almost started to cry together when I referred to it as "dog" instead of "Drake." Yikes, heartbreak here we come.

Of course I was worried about how our existing dog will react. I should have known. She seems to be as enamored as the rest of the family is. They took turns guarding the back of the house today.

He'll learn how to drool soon.
Wait. maybe it's a bat
So, whatever. I'm nothing if not adaptable. I have two dogs now. I think I can keep from turning this into a "guess what my dogs did today" blog. So everyone can relax. I just figured I'm obligated to welcome the newest member of the family.

Also, it gave me a great excuse to not work on my synopsis for my novel. I've written it too many times and I'm so sick of working on it.

I freaks me out that if it isn't good, my novel will be rejected without the first word being read. I'm going to have a heart attack.


Wannabe Writer said...
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Wannabe Writer said...

Congrats on the new addition! I hope he's healthy and feeling good soon. I wouldn't mind the occasional puppy-update! :)

Trisha said...

Haha, I have friends I talk about my cats with - and I know they don't mind 'cause they are cat mad too. But I definitely won't be blogging about my cats ;)

Poor little doggy, I'm glad he got a good home!

Nancy said...

love the size difference between the dogs. Your original dog is beautiful and wow how well behaved.

Anonymous said...

The two of them look like the perfect dynamic duo! My dad said no more cats, whatsoever. We went to the pet store, saw two kittens, and eventually ended up adopting a different pair of kittens. So I'm sure you'll end up loving that cute little guy!

Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for telling us about your dog. I thought writers were supposed to have cats. I have lizards in my back yard when it's hot outside, but they're not really my pets. They just take advantage of my sunlight.

Tossing It Out

Zan Marie said...

Ha! I'm afraid my blog sometimes does get into what the puppy boys did today. Oh, well, I still don't understand them--I'm the cat person who allowed my husband to have dogs this time. Two toy poodles will teach you humility in a hurry. [g]

Rogue Mutt said...

Ha, this is where it begins. My sisters "rescued" one cat and then it was two, three, four, etc. It's not going to end here!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

He does look like Dobby.

Cinders said...

You're dogs are so cute together *grin* I hope it works out for everyone.

Lemmiwinks said...

great background on this, bro!

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

What a little darling :) Fun tale about how your newest family member came to be. Your other dog is a mighty handsome beast too.

Good luck with your synopsis. I too, am sitting on mine. After all, they make or break all our hard work - blood, sweat and tears ...

Michael Offutt said...

hehe I don't mind that you told me about your dogs or your kids (for that matter). Plus have courage, your manuscript will find a home. Don't let what anyone tells you get you down for long. Just hold true to your course :).

Anonymous said...

These dogs look like best pals. And I strongly urge you to have an editor look over your synopsis and query letters. My editor Marvin Wilson (A link is on my post today) is awesome and made my diamond in a rough look like a polished gem.

The Golden Eagle said...

There is something Dobby-ish about his face--but he's so cute!

Good luck with your synopsis!

A Beer for the Shower said...

My fiance has a chihuahua, and now that we're living together, I guess you could say that I too have a chihuahua.

I hated him at first. He was a tiny, useless little dog that just sat there and stared at you.

And now... sadly... he's grown on me. He loves to sit in my lap.

Just don't tell anyone.

Rusty Webb said...

Thanks everyone - the dog seems to be getting along great so far. It's easy to take care of, or seems to be so far anyway.

The synopsis gets worse with every iteration. I rewrote it from scratch today and it ended up being a bullet point document. Sheesh.