Thursday, September 17, 2009

And The Pounds Just Keep On Melting Away

Day 3

178.6. Another pound gone. How awesome is that? I must confess that this is about what my starting weight should have been (as I explained yesterday), so what happens from here is the real test of my weight loss.

I won't be quite so long winded tonight. We had a small celebration at work and my a.m. was filled with pancakes, bacon, eggs, danishes, fruits, and all sorts of calorie and sugar rich foods.

I survived relatively unharmed in the grand scheme of things. 334 calories isn't as great as the 120 I could expect from oatmeal, but I think of how easy it would have been to have devoured 2000 if I hadn't been so diligent.

Hit the gym again today too. Wasn't exactly 'feeling it' it today, but then again, I almost never am. It was chest day and the dreaded bench press was mocking me again for being such a sissy. I decided to go down in weight a tad and see if I could squeeze off a few more reps. I pulled the bar off the rack with 205 on it with a goal of 10 reps. I wanted it bad but I just couldn't do it. Rep number 9 seemed like it took forever to get up and I could feel my triceps trembling. I know I'm not the most handsome man in the world, but I kind of like my face and I didn't want that 205 pounds to come crashing down on top of it. So I racked the weights after 9 and that was that. I managed a few more sets but I was pretty spent after that ordeal. My induction into the 300 lb bench press club will just have to wait another week.

Again, I had no dietary meltdowns today and hit my goals. Also, Taco Bell has a large number of items that are acceptable if you order appropriately. Just be aware.

A good day today, this weekend will be very challenging... I'll keep everyone posted.

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