Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh F#<& ... Days 12 & 13

Guys - the last few days the wheels came off the truck and the result was as pretty big wreck.

I ate like a death row inmate having his last meal... except I've eaten like that for a few days in a row now. I've had a pretty monstrous hamburger, breakfast burrito, chocolate swiss rolls, chocolate cupcakes... you name it, I've probably had some.

I did manage to work out on Friday - my partner stood me up so my bench was without a spot so I didn't push it. I did 185 for 12 reps but after that it was all downhill. I muddled though but I can't help but feel somewhat pessimistic about the future of my diet.

I haven't been counting calories lately. The reason is obvious to me. I don't want to see the proof of my failures. I'm gonna suck it up and do it right... Monday. Tomorrow will be bad too so I won't even count that one.

Wish me luck.

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