Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Theme Develops

Day 9

6:43 - I get up. Wow, was it hard. I stayed up late the night before watching Peyton Manning cement his status as a legend on Monday Night Football. I grab my oatmeal and head for work.

7:35 - I'm at my desk and I notice my oatmeal tastes funny... real funny. After close inspection I realize that I did not purchase the low sugar oatmeal like I usually do. Nope, instead I bought the full on sugary stuff that I'm trying to get away from. That figures. The funny thing is that I don't like it at all. I actually prefer the low sugar stuff. How weird is that?

8:09 - I eat my 5 pecans - I'm pretty hungry. Not a good sign.

9:30 - Still thinking of food. I decide to skip working out in order to eat.

11:46 - I finally take my lunch, I was supposed to meet a friend at noon but I emailed him and all but demanded we go early. He graciously agrees and for some reason all I can think about is how bad I want a hamburger - a particular hamburger.

12:05 - There is a little hamburger stand in the food court beside the First Tennessee building downtown (in Knoxville) that serves a black and blue burger that boggles my mind with it's awesomeness. Um, I'm not real sure how many calories is in that, but based on the size of the patty I don't think this is going to be good.

Realizing that I've ruined myself for the week I decide to order the crinkle fries as well. Why not? I figure if I'm going down, I might as well go down in flames.

3:00 - In the aftermath of what was a truly great lunch, I feel I have at least sort of come to grips with my sin and find myself man enough to avoid the ice cream treat that was being served at work.

I don't eat again until 7:00 - it was a lean cuisine (290 calories) and glass of wine. That's it. I still didn't count my calories, but even if that burger and fries was a 1000 calories (which it assuredly was) I'm still at around 1600 or so for the day. Not a total disaster.

In fact, I'm going to bed now, I'm full, I've had a great meal today... I think it was a good day after all.

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