Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 4

I'm out of beer.

I knew it was going to happen, I knew I was going to run out soon. I don't drink very much. Maybe a 6 pack every 2 weeks. But I do enjoy it a great deal. I had told myself I won't be buying any for a while. At least until I get my weight down a bit. So I figured I would drink what I had and not worry about it.

I had my last one last night. Today I started thinking about that fact around lunchtime. No more beer. Once I got home I saw little point in even eating. What's the point? Without a beer to drink I couldn't think of a real reason to eat either. Sigh.

But I will find a way to move on I suppose. I'm sipping on my water now... ahhh, how refreshing. Way better than that nasty old beer.

By the way, my personal set of rules only prevents me from purchasing beer. If anyone wants to give me some I wouldn't refuse a gift. I prefer newcastle, but will drink others if I must.

Anyhow, I only consumed 1400 calories today, and I did cardio at the gym. Right now I am way ahead of my schedule for the day. So congrats to me. It's only 8:45 or so, so I still have time to totally screw up my totals. But I'll try to hold out.

Happy drinking world. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, I hit the scales today too - 178.6 again. I told you the rest will only come off begrudgenly.

*edit* I ended up visiting with family late in the evening and having 2 cheese Krystals and a light beer. I was right at my calorie intake for the day afterwards, but it still felt like a defeat.

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