Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Q if for... Quizzical Complications

Look! It's post number 2 for the day! Awesome. Of course, I'm still behind on the A to Z Challenge, but I'm one less letter behind now.

To recap... I'm working on a novel cover this month. It's not been going well.

As I mentioned in my last post. I took a photo of a tunnel close to my house. I took another photo of the same tunnel to help give some background for the larger cover of the book... maybe not to be the actual cover, but to give me an idea for some background.

Here, I placed one on top of the other:

You can see, different locations, different times of day, same tunnel though. Andrew asked about Grass. Well, there is grass everywhere, but I'll deal with that later. I decided right off that the biggest issue I would have would be everything above the tunnel. It's all very distracting, since I'll want everyone to focus elsewhere and not at all the trees everywhere, I decided I needed to do something about that.

Then I remembered the sky I painted early in the month for the other version of a tunnel (that one straight out of my head - not the real world), so I took that sky and dropped it in in the background here.

Yeah, I think that sky might be more ominous and less distracting from the overall image. I'll continue tweaking and see what comes of it.


PT Dilloway, Grumpy Bulldog said...

It's getting closer at least. Keep on truckin.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Andrew wants the grass instead of pavement, right?

Rusty Webb said...

Alex - he did say something about that.

mshatch said...

interesting. I do like the sky.

Jo said...

I really think you are getting somewhere here.


M Pax said...

I like where you're going with it. Good luck!